Breakfast Storytime

Breakfast Storytime


We began by singing "The More We Get Together" and signing MORE, TOGETHER, HAPPY, FRIENDS.
After singing we introduced the topic by asking what meal is eaten in the morning. The kids needed some encouragement to answer so I asked "Do we eat breakfast in the morning? Do we eat lunch in the morning?" and waited for their response before we revealed the theme to be breakfast.
We then practiced the signs EAT and MORNING, then put them together to practice the popular sign for BREAKFAST.
Next we edited "Bread and Butter" to "Toast and Butter" to fit the theme.
Toast and butter
Marmalade and jam
Let’s say Hello
as _quietly__ as we can.
Other verses:
loudly, slowly, fast, high, low

BOOK: "Jampires"

After our toast and butter rhyme, we talked about what the toppings on the toast were (butter, marmalade, and jam.) This led to our transition into "Jampires." This book meets a lot of my preschool book needs (fun illustrations, silly concept, and rhymes on each page) but was pretty long- so try to add extra songs and longer breaks between books when reading this.



We recited this poem from Jen in the Library. Instead of a flannel board, we used our egg shakers and had the kids help us count them.
One morning I woke up early and no one was up yet. I was hungry, so I decided to make myself some eggs. I got out the griddle I got out the eggs. I picked up one egg and:
Give it a whack, (clap hands)
hear it crack, (hand behind ear)
Drop it in the middle, (pat hands on your lap)
One egg frying on the griddle.
That egg smelled so good. Soon, my sister came into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She said, “I want one too!” I picked up one egg and:
Here comes dad, nodding his head. He likes his on toasted bread. I picked up one egg and:
Last up was mom. She gave me a wink and said, “Looks good, I’ll have one too!” I picked up one egg and:
Give it a whack, (clap hands)
hear it crack, (hand behind ear)
Drop it in the middle, (pat hands on your lap)
Four eggs frying on the griddle.

(Use egg shakers- Wheels on the Bus tune)
This little egg goes shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
This little egg goes shake, shake, shake
All morning long

Rhythm Practice:
(Use egg shakers on the beat)
I love waffles with syrup
I love waffles with jam
I love waffles with sausage
I love waffles with ham
I love waffles in the morning
I love waffles at night
Please give me my waffles
So I can take a big bite

woodpecker waffle

Book: Woodpecker Wants a Waffle

I love that this book is filled with onomatopoeia. To keep interest, I whipped the book around each time the woodpecker was kicked out of the diner, flew, or popped out of the cannon. There's one page where a lot of different animals speak which is a great opportunity to use different voices.


We got out our storytime scarves for these next two.
(Edited "Popcorn Scarf Song"- Frere Jacques Tune)
Making bacon, making bacon
In the pot, in the pot
Shake it shake shake it
Shake it shake it shake
Til it POPS

Mix a Pancake
Stir a pancake
Pop it in the pan
Fry the pancake
Toss the pancake
Catch if you can.

We practiced the sign PANCAKE before moving to our flannel board.

Flannel Board:

“Who Wants a Pancake?”- Storytime Katie
Who wants a pancake, piping hot?
“I’ll take the one with butter on top.”
Who wants a pancake, fresh off the griddle?
“I’ll take the one with butter in the middle.”
(More toppings: blueberries, strawberries, chocolate)
Download our free printable pancakes here.

Untitled design (3)
if you give a pig a pancake

Book: If You Give a Pig a Pancake

This book is a classic and is of course, very silly. We didn't have a pig puppet on hand for this storytime, but that is a great way to add more interest in the book.

Craft: Paper Plate Pancakes

This craft was so easy and fun to do. I didn't get pictures of the kids working on it, but clicking the picture to the right will bring you to the instructional blog post I followed.

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