Mother’s Day Storytime

Mother's Day Storytime (orig. 5/2020)

As Mother's Day approaches, check out our storytime from last year for ideas! You can watch this storytime here.

Opening Songs:

As usual, we begin with
"The More We Get Together" using baby signs
"Shake My Sillies Out" by Raffi

Flannel Board:

Mothers and Babies Match (Found on Jen in the Library)
This baby makes a mooing sound
when his mother’s not around.
Calf is the name of this baby.
What is his mother called?

Repeat with other animals



We read "Lawrence: The Bunny Who Wanted to be Naked" by Vern Kousky. We tend to read books about the relationship between a mother and child for Mother's Day, instead of only reading books specifically about the holiday.



We made a quick and easy craft using supplies most families already have at home. To see the pinterest post, click the picture.

Other Books:

We typically read one book for preschool storytime. Here are some other great options about moms!

by Jean Reagan
by Jean Reagan
By Deborah Diesen
By Deborah Diesen
By Jeanette Bradley
By Jeanette Bradley